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  • Removes carbon build-up
  • Having unique enzyme formula
  • Heals and obstructs various ethanol complexities
  • Progresses engine performance and ensures smooth engine operation
  • Eliminates gum, carbon, and varnish
  • Suitable for all types of engine as well as fuel
  • Stabilizes fuel chemistry for up to 2 years
  • Enhances fuel economy and regenerates old fuel
  • Decreases smoke along with another type of emissions
  • Overdosing not detrimental


  • Applicable for only all gasoline engines
  • Not suitable for diesel engines

The Basic

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel cleaner is multipurpose fuel treatment which applies an exceptional enzyme technology which assists in the smooth operation of all engines. This fuel treatment performs superbly even when users use ethanol- blended fuel or after remaining inactive for months.

Star Tron is an excellent solution for removing problems related to ethanol. This fuel treatment is also a wonderful remedy for preventing phase separation because the enzymes support in breaking down the dislodged sludge along with other deposits into sub- micron- sized particles which occasionally go through the filter and are burned away as a portion of the combustion process.

Star Tron Concentrated gas formula is perfect for applying in all types of gas engines such as boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles, small applications together with engines which use pre- mix fuel.

Furthermore, Star Tron is also useful for stabilizing fuel at least one year, obstructing the composition of gums and other solids which blog carburetors along with fuel injectors. This fuel treatment is also helpful for reviving old fuel. You can check our best fuel injector cleaner post for finding out more fuel injector cleaners.

Additional InformationStar Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment Review

  1. Brand Name: Star Brite
  2. Fuel Compatibility: Gasoline
  3. Part Type: Fuel System Additive
  4. Product dimensions: 3 x 7 x 2
  5. Item Size: 8-Ounce

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  1. Useful for easy starting of the engine.
  2. Helpful for preventing phase separation.
  3. Suitable for daily use in addition to seasonal storage.
  4. Cleans up valves, gums, varnish, and carbon deposits for maximal performance.
  5. Concentrated formula based fuel treatment.
  6. Profitable to apply in both large and small ethanol blended gasoline.
  7. Perfect for E10/E15/E 20 types of equipment.
  8. Suitable for all engine types.
  9. Applicable for 2- cycle pre-mix also.
  10. oz is sufficient for 6 gallons of fuel.
  11. 80 z can treat up to 48 gallons.
  12. Long running products than other ethanol products.
  13. Minimize fuel process maintenance.
  14. Remains fuel delivery process clear.
  15. Expands fuel proficiency.
  16. Easy to apply.
  17. Easy to reserve
  18. Available in 3 advantageous concentrations


Hence, Star Tron fuel treatment contributes to enhancing fuel economy by cleaning the whole fuel delivery process, eliminating robbing gum and varnish deposits while adjusting the fuel burning process.

As a result of this, Star Tron provides completed and clean combustion, the maximal performance of engines, extended fuel efficiency, diminished emissions and dependable operation.

Moreover, users of enzyme technology make it as a revolutionary fuel additive product in the market. Star Tron immediately cures jelling because of cold weather and water in blended ethanol fuels. So, definitely it is the right choice for gasoline engines.

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