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Regular maintenance of cars is as important as taking care of our own body. Every part in the car has a given lifetime and thus we need to carry on the preventive maintenance to assure that car parts get changed in time before a problem actually occurs. Timely car maintenance increases the life span and performance of the vehicle. While regular servicing can be availed at the car service station, there are a few essentials in your car that can be checked on your own. These are the items that ensure that all the functions in the car are synced properly and working fine tuned.

Here is the list of 5 Essential Car Items You Must Check Regularly:

Engine Oil

The fuel of the car needs prime care and requires to be changed timely. With time, the impurity settles in the engine causing the vehicle to consume more fuel than regular. If the engine oil will be contaminated, it will cause more friction to the engine, interfering with its smooth functioning. You can check the engine oil on your own by simply putting the dipstick in the oil and noting down the level of oil present in it. This will signify if the vehicle has sufficient amount of oil or not. If you find the oil to be emitting gasoline smell and appearing dirty, it is the time to get it changed. Regular changing of engine oil will keep the car’s engine healthier for longer duration.

Fuel Injector

Fuel Injectors disperse fuel into the cylinders of engine in the right quantity and at the right angle. The air gets compressed and the fuel injectors emit spark to produce power. You will be able to identify when the fuel injectors cause trouble in the car by noticing the following symptoms:

  • strange stumbling sounds from engine
  • case of engine misfire
  • reduction in the performance of engine
  • increased fuel consumption

These symptoms indicate the occurrence of some problem with the fuel injectors. However, if you can check them regularly, it is possible that you may not need to face any such trouble. There are several fuel injectors that disperse fuel evenly on to the engine cylinders, even if one of them gets troubled, you may need to change the entire set. Timely maintenance of fuel injectors can save you from this situation.

Wiper Blades:

Wiper blades are as essential for driving as we need eyes to look ahead. Keep checking the wiper blades of your car for any breakage or malfunctioning. One can notice the charring sound while moving, formation of lines on the windscreen, decreased clarity of the windshield screen, jerky movement of the blades and wind lift are the symptoms that signify that the wiper blades of your car are in a bad health.

It is easy to avoid this situation by following these simple steps:

  • Check on the wiper blade if there is any wear and tear situation
  • Clean the blade at regular intervals. Use a cloth soaked in the washer solutionand rinse off with clean water. (vinegar solution can also help)

If still the windscreen doesn’t get sheer clear, it is the time to replace the wiper blades.

Spare Tire:

Checking on the spare tire of the car can prevent one from not having any replacement when needed. Do not forget to give the spare tire for maintenance and keep it filled with adequate air pressure. At times we forget to check on the items kept in the car that may be life saver tools; spare tire is one of them. Regularly make a check on the wellbeing of the spare tire and make sure you always have one in the car.

Braking System:

Car brakes are your prime safety gear. Take these steps to keep a check on the braking system of your car:

  • Make sure if the pads of the brake are not loosened out.
  • Carry on a brake meter test to verify the powers of each of the four wheels’ brakes.
  • Get the brake fluid replaced timely (every 2 years or every 50,000 miles)
  • The brake lights should work properly for road safety

Do not ignore the following symptoms if you come across any:

  • Car slowing down due to reduction in brake fluid
  • Leakage of brake fluid
  • Dampening of brake pads

With this 5 Essential Car Items, You should also check Regularly other things like horn, signal light, headlight etc. If you love music while driving you should check also the car sound system for enjoyable journey.


We get the timely services done for our vehicle from workshops but these above mentioned are a few essentials that we can check on our own. These are the basic requirements that will ensure that the car is always working in good condition. It takes a little bit of time to maintain these safety essentials but as it is said that “a stitch in time, saves nine”, keeping a regular check on these items will ensure the safety of your car and your family in the long run.

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