Using Fuel Injector Cleaner On Old Cars

What would happen if you decide to use a fuel injector cleaner on a very old car? Something like a 1988 Volkswagen. I have a story to share.


My car mechanic puts good quality injector cleaner in the tank of my 88 Volkswagen. I was riding in the city at my usual speeds of 40 to 60 mph. Without any noise or struggle, the engine died on. After trying to restart it after multiple cranks, it would not come back to life. It was not an electrical problem, everything else worked fine and I checked the fuse box.

Some people told me it was because the old car had dirt stuck in various places and when I put in the cleaner fluid in its tank, all of it got unstuck and jammed my injectors. Sounds like a very plausible theory. But I am not sure.

Another theory is that engine died of fuel starvation as all the dirty fuel got filtered by the fuel filter and it is now jammed and unable to properly flow. It would be great if this is the case, the fix would be quick and cheap to fix.

The bottom line is this: either there is no fuel in an engine or no spark from the spark plug. Thinking about it, I think it could also be a pump issue. I have sent the car to get fixed in my brother’s garage. I will update you guys when I find out the reason for this problem.