Does Fuel Injector Cleaner Work?

If you have been wondering whether or not fuel injector cleaners actually work, you are nowhere near alone.

In fact, you probably join millions and millions of at least slightly skeptical automobile owners that are trying to figure out whether they should invest in quality fuel injector cleaner solutions and solvents – or whether they should skip this “unnecessary” piece of maintenance altogether.

Hopefully we’ll be able to clear up some of the myths and misconceptions regarding fuel injector cleaner below.

What happens to fuel injectors over time?

Regardless of the quality of gasoline that you pump it into your vehicle on a regular and routine basis, you are going to get gasoline that is nowhere near as close to perfectly pure as you had hoped – even if you are paying a premium for Premium.

Gas stations usually are using outdated fuel pump technology that contaminates the fuel that runs through the systems before they reach your vehicle, and let’s not even get started on the holding tanks that the different grades of gasoline are pumped into for storage.

A lot of dirt, a lot of debris, and a lot of other “gunk” elements are going to make it into your gas tank.

These elements are going to actively gum up your fuel injectors over time, and if they aren’t regularly cleaned – with a solvent or with a specific tool/instrument – the fuel that they spray into your ignition chambers is going to be a lot less efficient.

The spray is going to be more heavily concentrated in specific areas and nonexistent in others, and your combustion levels are going to drop.

Are fuel injector cleaners necessary, then?

Unless you like the idea of throwing away money at the pump (hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of owning your vehicle), you are probably going to want to run fuel injector cleaner through your vehicle at least three or four times a year.

A simple and straightforward process, you’ll be able to clean out your injector ports with absolutely no extra effort whatsoever. This process is going to dramatically improve the overall fuel efficiency that your vehicle enjoys (sometimes by 35% or more). This is going to save you a ton of money at the pump, but is also going to dramatically boost the durability of your fuel injectors as well.

You won’t be spending a boatload of money on costly repairs when you invest in inexpensive fuel injector cleaner solution.

You can increase the mileage and performance of you car just by using simple DIY fuel system cleaning solutions. It has over the years solved multiple car problems for me.

The task of the fuel injection system is to supply fuel to the cylinders in your car’s engine. The exact specification’s change mildly from car to car, but the basic concept behind fuel systems remains uniform.

A clean and properly functioning fuel injector system is of very critical importance to the car. Usually they don’t require maintenance, but low quality fuel or neglected car maintenance can lead to clogged injectors that require cleaning.

Clogging of injectors will lead to malformed spray pattern, this usually causes the injectors to spray less fuel than required and hence decrease vehicle performance. The quickest, and most economical fix is to add any of our recommended fuel injector cleaners.

Fuel injector cleaner or fuel system cleaners can improve the life and driving quality of your car. It doesn’t take much work either, just add the injector cleaner when your car’s tank is 3/4th. You should need to add about 15 to 18 ounces (refer to directions on your product), after which top up your tank and go out for a drive.
If you have noticed decreased mileage or rough idling from your car, a clogged fuel injector is the most likely culprit. Poor throttle response is another symptom of fuel system problems. However, the good thing is that it’s very easy to fix this problem.



How to Clean Fuel Injectors?

The odds are pretty good that you are a responsible automobile owner, and take your regular and routine maintenance schedule very seriously.

After all, for most of us, our cars represent a multi-thousand dollar investment – but more than that, keeping them up and running (as perfectly as humanly possible) allows us to enjoy our freedom.

Without our cars, we are seriously handicapped today.

Unfortunately, a lot of us are pretty good about taking care of obvious maintenance on a regular basis. We really lack a little bit when it comes time to the “less than obvious” steps we should be taking as well. Fuel injector cleanings fall under this category.

Thankfully, it’s a pretty easy issue to remedy.

Why do fuel injectors need to be cleaned regularly in the first place?

There are a bunch of different reasons to regularly clean your fuel injectors, but the most obvious one is that after a certain amount of usage. Your injectors are going to begin to collect a “veneer” of rock solid fuel that didn’t vapor rise.

This veneer that is going to slowly compromise the efficiency of your fuel injectors. If it is left unattended for a long enough period of time, it’s also going to threaten the safety and durability of the fuel injectors themselves.

Regular cleanings eliminate these issues altogether, and they aren’t that difficult to pull off.

How easy is it to clean fuel injectors?

A lot of people turn to professional mechanics to do the “dirty work” for them when it comes time to clean fuel injectors, but it’s really not that difficult for you to tackle on your own.

You’ll need to purchase an easy to use fuel injector cleaning tips (many of the best automotive solution and repair companies provide their own DIY kits at a low price point), but after that you’ll be off to the races!

What do I have to do to clean all of my fuel injectors?

The first thing that you’ll have to do is (obviously) shut down your car, and remove the fuel pump.

Once the fuel pump has been removed, reconnect the fuel return line so that gas is going to flow out of the tank and then right back in. Next, detach the pressure regulator and hook up the cleaning kit to the actual fuel port.

Open up the valve on your fuel cleaning kit canister until you get the fuel pressure reading that you’re after, and then simply run the color engine so that the cleaner flows all throughout your injectors.

Replace all parts that you detached and then fire up your car to verify that everything is working exactly the way it should.

That’s it, that’s all!

Now you’re off to the races!

What does a fuel injector do?

The car runs by combustion of fuel inside the engine, the task of the fuel injectors is to get the fuel to your engine. While fuel injectors generally don’t require much maintenance, but years of low quality fuel and other dirt can drastically decrease their performance.

How do I add fuel injector cleaner?

Always add fuel injector cleaner to almost empty tank. The rule of thumb is to pour one ounce for every gallon of fuel. So if you pour 15 ounce of cleaner into your tank, top up fifteen gallons of fuel. But this is more a general advice, please refer to your particular product for best results.
It takes around 60 to 70 Kilometers or about 40 miles to notice the difference in your car’s performance.