Have you been wondering why everything is so complicated instead of being as simple as ABC? There are just too many things to worry about in life. Even your diesel engine comes with its barrage of requirements to keep it working efficiently. Thank goodness you have of additives, and now you are searching for the best diesel fuel additives to use for your engine. Here is another headache to contend. What a world! But where did all of these come from, by the way?

Best Diesel Fuel Additives

As part of the advancement in technology, the turn of the century has seen a divergence and tremendous improvement in the diesel vehicle technology. Before this period, there was little or no need for diesel fuel additives. However, the cutting-edge innovations have gritted the construct of diesel engines.

Thanks to numerous factors such as consumers’ cravings for superlative engines that are capable of producing extraordinary performance; engines fundamentally working in harsher conditions characterized by higher pressure and temperature, and many others factors, have caused consumers to sought fuel additives that work.

The efficient performance of your engine is nonnegotiable, and for this reason, you must do everything to ensure this is the case. To help ameliorate your situation as a user, we deemed it apt to review the best diesel fuel additives that are in the market.

The Basics:

It is imperative to answer the questions that form the nucleus of this article, so as to aid your ability to identify the best diesel fuel additives out there.

What is a diesel fuel additive?

Simply put, diesel fuel additives are chemicals capable of fine-tuning the dynamics of diesel fuel.

Do diesel fuel additives really work?

First and foremost, you must understand that even the best fuel additives cannot do everything for you. Hence, the question is, what do you aim to achieve with it? Do you want additives that will protect your engine? Or is it something that will aid your vehicle’s combustions that you want?

You will see many products brandishing claims of solving an array of diesel fuel engine challenges. However, you should be wary of these, as they are less likely to notice or address the problem you are having with your diesel engine. The good news is that there is an additive that will work for you – given that it is within the confines of what additives can do. Of course, I do not expect you to crave additives that would resurrect George Washington or make Pentagon the center for the study of Librarianship. Regardless, the verdict is that the pronouncement of the workability of these additives is dependent on what your aim is.

Are fuel additives safe for diesel engines?

Is the fuel system cleaner worth it? You may have asked yourself for quite some time. It is okay to have your reservations about the application of diesel fuel additives in the first place. After all, some of us are purists who abhor the mixture of foreign elements in a lot of things. Nonetheless, our research shows fuel additives to be safe for engines. They serve as cleanup materials for the injectors and help engines to run efficiently.

What are the benefits of diesel fuel additives?

Depending on the type of additives you purchase, several benefits can derive from the available diesel fuel additives. Some additives can handle fuel distribution. These kinds improve the flow of fuel, serve as deicing, inhibit corrosion in the fuel distribution. Fuel additives can also break down emulsion, act as deodorants, serve as combustion catalysts, improve ignitions, stabilize fuel, suppress smoke, act as antifoam and a host of other benefits.

What We Consider To Write This Best Diesel Fuel Additives Reviews:

This review is not a mere figment of anyone’s imagination. Its need was triggered by the overall increasing need to improve fuel economy, thanks to the rising fuel prices while income remains static, and in some cases, decreasing. Also, another important catalyst is the need for proper maintenance of the engines, so as to avoid stories that touch.

Creating a very useful guide like this required the aggregation of the results of users’ experience, experts’ opinion, as well as personal experience of the authors. We asked users about what their ‘before and after’ experiences were, and if they will recommend a particular product, and at what scale. The experts provided in-depth analyses of the function of the additives and also answered ‘if they are worth using’ question.

All things considered, this review will equip you with the essential information that would enable you to make the right decisions as far as you are looking for the best diesel fuel additives, thereby eliminating regrets and griefs.

What should you consider before buying diesel fuel additives?

Different people desire different things from additives, and understanding what to look out for is an essential part of the choosing additives. Of these many features, some that stand out include Durability, Price-Quality ratio, Comfortless, Suitability and so on.

How long is it okay to use a particular measure of additives? Better still, how long does the additive last? A suitable additive should be able to serve you for a while, but of course, this is reliant on your engine and what you aimed to achieve.

Based on a host of other decision making elements, you would be able to tell about the quality of an additive. Most of the best diesel fuel additives have their names on the lips of consumers, but what works for some consumers may not work for you. Again, you have to identify your aim, for instance, do you want to reduce emission? Are you experiencing excessive engine heat? Or yours is a boost for your fuel economy.Maybe the elimination of internal diesel injector deposits is your concern. Endeavor to match your wants with an authentic fuel additives reviews that you come across.

Principally, additives are made with chemicals similar to those in use at refineries. But some aren’t good for your engine. For example, if an additive contains alcohol as an active ingredient, it is best you avoid such.  Alcohol can deliver additional enhancement to the performance of the engine. On the other hand, this improvement is ephemeral and can destroy the gasket. Another active ingredient to avoid is the engine oil. Although it offers smooth running of the engine, it is disadvantageous on the long run, since it can affect the tips of your injectors.

Your engine is not an all-model engine, therefore, look out for additives that are specially produced for your brand and model. You can go wrong with a lot of things, but choosing the wrong diesel fuel additives can’t be more wrong.

Our Best Diesel Fuel Additives Picks:

Several additives are being described as the best diesel fuel additives out there, to the extent that even the word ‘best’ is as confused to as what is best. To allay the situation, discussed with experts and conversed with numerous users, and those actions culminated into the below-listed additives:

Hot Shot’s Secret DDD Diesel Oil and Fuel Additive – 128 FL. Oz:

The hot shot’s secret is a popular additive in the market. It has the Stiction Eliminator, a product specifically created for cleaning and restoration, as well as the Diesel Extreme, which offers boost alongside cleaning. The stiction eliminator guarantees 100% removal or money back.

This additive would avail you two QT, all for a price of just 1. It also has a third part, the FR3, created to boost performance. The combination of the 3 QT is a recipe for an enhancement that makes your engine perform like you just bought it.


  • Enhanced power and compression: With an increased power and compression, the engine of the vehicle is ready to fire on all cylinders.
  • Diminishes frictional drag: It reduces the fluid against the surface of an engine that is moving through it.
  • Eliminates lifter and valve noise: The application of this additive stops the noise emanating from the lifter and valve.
  • Combat wear: It helps your diesel fuel engine tremendously in the battle for supremacy against wear


  • It slows down the process of wear and tear of the engine parts.
  • Unlike the Performance Formula One, its result is instantaneous.
  • Best choice for Ford diesel
  • Good for all weather
  • Ensures clean tank, lines, and injectors.
  • Offers money back guarantee on stiction eliminator


  • Doesn’t work well for high-mileage diesel
  • The synthetic material used makes the additive very light.


If you’re looking for quick turnaround especially with boosting the performance of your engine, this product ticks that box with ease. It is the best diesel fuel additive for owners with Ford diesel. With the Amazon gift card promotion, you can have as much as 70 percent off this great product. Check it out here

4. Prolong Super Lubricants PSL11202-2PK Engine Treatment – 1 Gallon:

Our last entrant on the top 5 best diesel fuel additives is the Prolong Super Lubricant. Heat and friction treatment king, Prolong is produced using the company’s propriety AFMT advanced technology. This additive takes it shine during severe pressure conditions, as it circulates along with the motor oil to protect the engine and comes with the metal surfaces and creates a shielding coat thereby diminishing the friction and heat damage.


  • Formulated to work with high-mileage vehicles: Whether your vehicle is new or you’ve been using it for quite some time, this is a good option to consider.
  • Anti-Friction Metal Treatment: Thanks to the AFMT technology, this additive will solve the problem you’ve been experiencing with friction.
  • Fuel Economy: Its restoration of your engine efficiency would boost your fuel economy
  • Lessens heat: Your engine will enjoy lessened heat when you apply this product, leading to a prolonged engine life.


  • Boost your fuel economy
  • Adheres to the engine metal surface to combat friction
  • The absence of solid particles like graphite, resins, zinc, etc.
  • Treats the metal and the oil
  • Works well for both diesel and gas engines


  • Requires consistent treatment for results
  • Spillage could happen as a result of the container size
  • Doesn’t demulsify


Highly recommended for users experiencing heat and friction. Also, the product could help prevent leak due to its adherence to the metal surface. It doesn’t just adhere to the metal; it likewise works on its restoration. Meanwhile, consistency is required to achieve a top notch result. To learn more from those who have used the Prolong to prolong the life of their engine, check here.

3. Power Service 1080-06-6PK +Cetane Boost Diesel Fuel Supplement Anti-Freezer – 80 oz:

Next, on our fuel additives, review list is the Power Service 1080-06-6PK. A very efficient and specially made for winter additive, it can keep wax away from clogging the fuel filters, as well as ensuring that fuel gelling doesn’t happen. Produced from the Arctic formula, this causes the diesel fuel to be better refined, consequentially ensuring the smooth running of the engine in the cold temperatures.


  • Thwarts fuel gelling: Even when the weather is as low as 40degrees Fahrenheit, the best of this additives doesn’t disappear.
  • Imbued with Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel: This makes it efficient in every diesel fuels, plus it also contains biodiesel of up 20 percent
  • Slickdiesel Lubricator: It includes the proprietary slick diesel lubricator which helps to enhance the lubricity of the diesel engine.
  • Demulsify water: This additive demulsify water and makes it disappear from the diesel fuel


  • Certain to work in cold temperatures
  • Doesn’t allow gelling of fuel under cold conditions
  • Improves lubricity with its proprietary slick diesel
  • Works for all kinds of diesel fuel
  • Have detergents elements that ensure cleanliness of fuel injectors


  • Only meant for use during winter
  • Bound to spill as a result of its big container
  • Requires another product for use under warmer climates


When you need to get your engine running during the cold period of the year, the Power Service is what you should turn to for help. It is equally good for lubricity, but you’d have to get another type of other temperature conditions. It is worth it. Check out this Amazon listing for their ongoing special offer and promotion.

2. Performance Formula One Shot 8oz., Case of 24 Bottles:

Stepping up first to the mic is the Performance Formula One Shot 8oz. This beauty tops our list of best diesel fuel additives. The numero uno and best of the lot is armed with the capability to work for most fuel systems, possesses a multifunctional blend of many benefits while falling into the budget-friendly category. In various tests performed, this product emerges as the cream of the crops. It is the pick of big industrial companies, and also top of the list of users and the experts we consulted. Safe to say it is the best bet.


  • Suitability for all weather. This means you don’t have to worry about whether you’re using it during winter or when it is the summer time of year.
  • Greater cleaning success: It offers high effective cleaning results for your engine.
  • Trusted and recommended by many: Many household name in the diesel engine trust and recommend the Performance One Shot 8oz.
  • Treatment of more with little: As the case may be, the 8oz can treat 30 gallons.
  • Horsepower increment: Armored with cetane of up to 5point, your diesel engine can see improved power, torque, and acceleration, thanks to enhanced combustion.


  • Works with many models and brand of engines
  • Efficient in all weathers
  • Diminishes fuel consumption
  • Improves lubricity
  • Preferred choice among industrial giants
  • It doesn’t contain alcohol as an active ingredient


  • Doesn’t show drastic improvement for new diesel fuel engines
  • Takes time for its results to manifest


By and large, the performance of this product is the best, bar none. It is suitable for all weathers, can significantly enhance lubricity and works for many engines. Though its effects are not evident instantaneously, you’d still be very sure to get a value for your money. For more information, visit Performance Formula One Amazon listing.

1. MotorKote MK-ET05G-01 Black Pail Hyper Lubricant – 5 Gallon:

Users of this additive sing its praise to high heavens. Popular amongst heavy truck duty users, it’s for
mulation enables it to bond seamlessly with metal surfaces once in contact, and this is made possible by the quality synthetic heavy-duty material used. When considered, this additive falls within the right pricing range.


  • Synthetic Engine Additive: Solids, moly PTFE, graphite and a host of others contaminants are absent due to the use of a premium synthetic element
  • Molecularly coated surface: This feature coats the metal surface your fuel engine thereby shielding the critical parts from wearing, as well as reduction of heat and friction accordingly.
  • Formulated for heavy-duty: MotorKote MK-ET05G is mainly created for the heavy engine users.


  • It causes the horsepower to improve, ultimately decreasing the noise and vibration of the engine, as a result of lowering operating temperature.
  • Perfect for transmissions, power steerings, and transmissions.
  • Great pricing.
  • Made from synthetic elements which eliminate some organic impurities
  • Works well for high-mileage engines


  • Not suitable for cars and other smaller vehicles
  • Doesn’t work well with single-speed transmissions


For your heavy-duty engines, look no further than this efficient bucket of oil. Guaranteed to protect and diminish wear, it will significantly boost your engine performance. It is worth it. You can read more reviews about it here.

Final Verdict:

Diesel fuel additives are now becoming something of a necessity thanks to the development of the diesel engine technology. Getting one that works for shouldn’t be a difficult thing.  Of course, you’ll see many products with, in fact, outrageous claims, but look out for what you need mainly. Some of the additives are multifunctional, while others are best suited to for a particular purpose.

To help you choose the right one. Consider your engine type. The best diesel fuel additives have one thing in common, which is containing detergents that contribute to cleaning the engine. You should also look out for lubricants to help the smooth running of your engine. Another important factor is the temperature of your region. Are you resident in Alaska, North Dakota or other freezing areas? You’re probably used to the weather, but I am certain your diesel fuel engine isn’t. Not all fuel additives are worth it for you, therefore, go for the appropriate one, and get your engine back in the best shape.

If you can find one that suits your need, check the automotive section on Amazon. There is bound to be something for you.


  • It causes the horsepower to improve, ultimately decreasing the noise and vibration of the engine, as a result of lowering operating temperature.
  • Perfect for transmissions, power steerings, and transmissions.
  • Great pricing.
  • Made from synthetic elements which eliminate some organic impurities
  • Works well for high-mileage engines


  • Not suitable for cars and other smaller vehicles
  • Doesn’t work well with single-speed transmissions